Hi there šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Othmane,
I build web services and APIs focusing on the backend.

My intention is to co-create and support platforms that are serving people, supporting them fullfilling their potential, as human beings, in resonance with all life on the planet.

What I do

What I do is materializing ideas and concepts into web platforms.

I've been doing this alchemy, crafting web services and APIs since 7 years, and I love writing easy to read and well structured code.

Starting from the needs, and, building the software around them.

- How can I craft software that serves people and helps them fullfill their human potential?
- How can we make software that maximizes the win-win-win (ominwin) for everyone?

These questions has been guiding and challenging me in the last years, as a compass, following the convergences between purpose and technological platforms.

I believe in the precious potential of technology with purpose - a set of tools helping us as humans to coordinate, create new possibilities of sharing, and shaping new forms of living together, in ways that are more nourishing, regenerative and caring.


Some of the open source projects I worked on:

Tools & specialities

I know well:
  - PHP v7/8, Slim, Laravel, Symfony, MySQL, Docker
  - SOLID principles, micorservices, RESTful APIs, Test Driven Development, no-framework approach
  - Linux: Debian / Arch, Advanced use of Git, Heroku, AWS
  - Jenkins, SonarQube, Travis, PHPStan, PHPUnit
  - Clean and performant code, designed with care and love <3

I'm familiar with:
  - Python, Bash, Ghost CMS, imagemagick, ffmpeg, opencv, Arduino, RaspberryPi

Want to get in touch?

Want to write me? Feel free to do so.

I'm open and happy to work with organizations and individuals that are earth-friendly šŸŒā¤ļø.

I'm open and looking forward to invest my energies in resonating projects.

šŸ¦ Twitter | šŸ˜ŗ GitHub | šŸŸ¦ Linkedin

Steuernummer: 23/448/00993
USt-IdNr. (VAT-ID): DE329309201