Hi there šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Othmane,
I build web services and APIs, focusing on the backend.
I'm based in Berlin.

What I do

What I do is materializing ideas and concepts into web platforms.

I've been crafting web services and APIs since 8 years, and I love writing easy to read, beautiful and well-structured code.

How I do it

Starting from the needs, and, building the software around them. With a holistic approach in mind.

My intention is to co-create and help platforms that are serving people, supporting meaningful connections.


Some open source projects I contributed to:

Tools & specialities

I worked extensively with PHP and it's ecosystem, while I have familiarity with Python.

Frameworks that I worked with are Laravel / Lumen, Slim framework, no-framework, and, less recently, with Symfony.

Often I took part also in the deployment of code, and I can navigate dev-ops processes.

I like Docker and I have experience creating Docker images, and setting up dockerized environments.

GNU/Linux is the system I've been using daily since > 10 years.

As coding approach, I'm familiar with the SOLID principles, the microservices architectures, using and creating libraries, and Test Driven Development (TDD).

        PHP v7/8, Slim, Lumen / Laravel, Symfony, Nette framework 
        MySQL, Dockerized environments
          - Hosting structures: Heroku, AWS, Gandi, VPSs
          - SOLID principles, micorservices, RESTful APIs, Test Driven Development, minimalistic no-framework
          - Linux: Debian / Arch, Advanced use of Git, Heroku, AWS
          - Webservers: Apache, nginx, Caddy <3
          - Jenkins, SonarQube, Travis, PHPStan, PHPUnit

          On another note, I'm also familiar with:
          - Python, Bash, Ghost CMS, ffmpeg, opencv, Arduino, RaspberryPi


Get in touch via email.

I'm looking forward and happy to invest my energies in resonating projects!

šŸ¦ Twitter | šŸ˜ŗ GitHub | šŸŸ¦ Linkedin

USt-IdNr. (VAT-ID): DE329309201